2023 Competition Prizes

A cash prize pool of $236,500 is on offer for The Sydney 2023. 

Prize  Value  
Ernest Hutcheson First Prize $50,000  
Percy Grainger Second Prize $25,000 DONATE this Prize
George Frederick Boyle Third Prize $20,000 DONATE $1,000 towards this prize
William Murdoch Fourth Prize $15,000 DONATE this Prize
Arthur Benjamin Fifth Prize $10,000  
Noel Mewtown-Wood Sixth Prize $7,500 DONATE this Prize
Eileen Joyce Best Overall Concerto $5,000  
Roy Agnew Best 18th Century Concerto $5,000  
Miriam Hyde Best 19th/20th Century Concerto $3,000  
Hephzibah Menuhin Best Sonata with Violin and Piano $3,000  
Geoffrey Parsons Best Sonata with Cello and Piano $3,000  
Una Bourne Best Accompanist Prize $3,000 DONATE this Prize
Roger Smalley Best Preliminaries Round 1 Recital $3,000 DONATE this Prize
Isador Goodman Best Preliminaries Round 2 Recital $3,000  
Ignaz Friedman Best Semi Finals Recital $3,000  
Geoffrey Tozer Most Promising Pianist not Proceeding to the Finals $5,000  
Nancy Weir Best Australian Pianist $20,000  
Malcolm Williamson Best Performance of an Australian Piece $5,000  
Rex Hobcroft People’s Choice $10,000 DONATE this Prize
Rhondda Gillespie Best Performance of a work from any period before 1950 by a rarely-played and unduly neglected composer $5,000  
Best Program Presentation in Semi Final $3,000 DONATE this Prize
Best Encore in the Preliminary or Semi Finals $3,000  
Prizes for each of the six Semi Finalists not proceeding to the Finals; $1,000 each $6,000  
Medal Given to the Most Promising Competitor Plus $1,000 $1,000  

Additional Prizes

Additional prizes and engagements will be added here as they are confirmed.