Provide for the Future – Leave a Gift in your Will

By providing for the Sydney International Piano Competition in your Will, you will not only make a personal contribution to the joy, delight and celebration engendered by music-making and the Competition itself, you will also help ensure future generations of talented young pianists benefit from a potentially life-changing experience. If you feel passionately about the impact that music, piano playing and creativity can have on our lives, please consider supporting us. The Sydney is an exceptional global event which looks to the future, makes the world take notice of Australia, and enriches the lives of all who take part in it.

To discuss a bequest to help future generations of young talented pianists, please contact: Marcus Barker on +61 2 9241 3291 or by email.

Photo: 2nd prize winner, Kenny Broberg, with masterclass student at The Scots College, Sydney 2019