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2023 Prize Sponsors and Donors

Ernest Hutcheson First Prize

Donated by


Percy Grainger Second Prize

To donate this $25,000 prize email Marcus Barker

George Frederick Boyle Third Prize

Donated by the Ivy Lane League ^

Donate $1,000 to this collective prize HERE

William Murdoch Forth Prize

To donate this $15,000 prize email Marcus Barker

Arthur Benjamin Fifth Prize

Donated by Rosalind Carlson OAM

Noel Mewton-Wood Sixth Prize

To donate this $6,500 prize email Marcus Barker

Nancy Weir Best Australian Pianist

Sponsored by


An overseas scholarship for an Australian competitor to further their musical career

Donated by Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

Eileen Joyce Best Overall Concerto

Donated by Drs Keith & Eileen Ong

Roy Agnew Best 18th Century Concerto

Donated by A/Prof Michael Stubbs in celebration of his Aunt, Australian pianist Ruth Gerald

Miriam Hyde Best 19th/20th Century Concerto

Donated by Janice Tuynman in memory of her husband Hank Tuynman

Hephzibah Menuhin Best Sonata with Violin and Piano

Donated by David and Jan Robinson

Geoffrey Parsons Best Sonata with Cello and Piano

Donated by Minnie Biggs

Una Bourne Best Accompanist Prize

To donate this $3,000 prize email Marcus Barker

Roger Smalley Best Preliminaries Round 1 Recital

To donate this $3,000 prize email Marcus Barker

Isador Goodman Best Preliminaries Round 2 Recital

Donated by the Victorian Friends of The Sydney

Ignaz Friedman Best Semi Final Recital

Donated by Dr Robert Mitchell in memory of Denis Condon

Geoffrey Tozer Most Promising Pianist Not Proceeding to the Finals

Donated by Joan Adler

Malcolm Williamson Best Performance of an Australian Piece

Donated by Dr Robert Mitchell in memory of Denis Condon

Rex Hobcroft People’s Choice

To donate this $10,000 prize email Marcus Barker

Best Program Presentation in the Semi Final

To donate this $3,000 prize email Marcus Barker

Rhondda Gillespie Best performance of a work from any period before 1950 by a rarely-played and unduly neglected composer

Donated by Dr Andrew Mitterdorfer, Daniel Mitterdorfer and Dr Harold Fabrikant

Best Encore in the Preliminaries or Semi Final

Supported by a Bequest from Mrs Jana Chvojka

Prizes for the Six Semi Finalists not Proceeding to the Finals

Donated by Mrs Wendy Weight OAM

Medal Given to the Most Promising Competitor plus $1,000

Donated by Graham Wickes


Collective Prize Donors

^ Liz and Gundo Gibson, Gary Nash, Peter & Helen O’Meara and Murray Shaw & Song Yao Hui

To donate $1,000 to this collective prize email Marcus Barker

Club 32

The Hon Bronwyn Bishop AO
Ross Blackmore in memory of Denise Blackmore
Tom Breen and Rachael Kohn AO
Margot Burrell and Carole Roussel
Maurice Cashmere
Martin Cohen
David and Ida Constable
Mark Coulter and Adam Bayes
Silvana d’Iapico
Bunny Gardiner-Hill
Glenys Granger and Terry Mackin
Jennifer Harris
Judy Hunt and Hugh Hallard
Donald and Kate Magarey
Jan McDonald and Janice Tuynman
Connie McManus
Greeba Pritchard and Robert Mitchell
A/Prof Michael Stubbs in celebration of Australian pianist Ruth Gerald
Rob Thomas AO and Sam Meers AO
Sandy Watson and Jillian Williams
Maree and Graeme Watts

To join Club 32 email Marcus Barker

Cycle of Giving Donors


Donation of $10,000 or more
Anonymous x 1


Donation of $5,000 or more
Robert Albert
Bernard Coles QC
Tony Strachan


Donation of $2,500 or more
Anonymous x 1


Donation of $1,000 or more
Anthony Gregg and Deanne Whittleston
Jill Henry
Margaret Sikora
Maree Watts
Anonymous x1


Donation of $600 or more
John Meyer
Shanthini Naidoo and Adrian Churchill
Janet and Michael Neustein


Donation of $250 or more
Dr Penny Herbert in memory of Dunstan Herbert
Dr Frank Robertson in memory of Katherine Robertson
Anonymous x6


Donation of $100 or more
Karen Baker
Peter Chia-an Chien
Rae Cottle
Ros Ellis
Malcolm and Rhondda Hazell
Phillip Shovk
Judith Turner
Anonymous x3

Out West Piano Fest

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Event Styling


Composing The Future

Founding Donor

Supporting Donors
Martin and Susie Dickson
Kathryn and Donald Magarey
Marguerite May
Jan McDonald
Diana McVeagh
Ruth Procter
Maree Watts
Anonymous x1


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